Permits to enter motor vehicles into state protected areas

The budget institution “Parkavimas Kaune” issues permits for mechanical vehicles to enter state protected areas.

tel .: 8-671-44819, e-mail:

Information and documents are to be provided by the person.

To obtain your permit, it is necessary to provide the following information:

1. an application indicating: the name, legal form, code, home address of the applicant (legal entity), name, surname, date of birth of the applicant, correspondence address, telephone number, applicant’s e-mail address; The territory (address) to which the applicant wishes to enter, the purpose of the entry, the technical details of the vehicle (model, mark, state number), the validity period of the permit;
2. a copy of the registration document (documents) of the vehicle (copies);
3. a copy of the rent lease or another document confirming the right to use the premises, if the premises are not owned by the person in question;
4. the consent of the owner of the property by indicating the right of ownership or other legal bases, if the local tax fee does not apply. (no consent is required when the applicant himself owns these premises);
5. a copy of the performed work-related services, if the vehicle is necessary for work and is in accordance with the agreement of the municipality;

6. a copy of the document confirming the payment of the local fee, if the local fee is paid for the issue of the permit and the applicant wishes to obtain an immediate authorization.

Application form

Authorization legislation

Information about payment for the permit

Beneficiary – “Parkavimas Kaune”

The beneficiary’s bank -AB SEB Bank

Account number – LT55 7044 0600 0813 6147

For payment purposes, please specify: The local fee for entry into the state protected areas

Territories The following toll rates are set for the issue of a permit to enter motor vehicles into the state protected areas (hereinafter – the permit):
– for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight not exceeding 3.5 t per day, EUR 6;
– for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of less than 3,5 t per vehicle, EUR 80 per month;
– for vehicles of a gross vehicle weight of less than 3,5 t per passenger, EUR 700 per year;
– for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of not more than 12 t per day, EUR 30;
– for the permission to enter vehicles with a gross weight of not more than 12 t, for one month – 500 Eur;
– for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of more than 12 t per day, 50 EUR.

The fee does not apply to:

1. Persons managing property, lease, trust or other legal basis premises (structures) registered as separate units of real estate in state-protected areas or where their declared place of residence is in protected areas of the state shall be issued no more than 2 permits per one room (For the building), except for the garages, – Issue 1 is issued to the managers. This provision applies to the issue of permits for vehicles only
with a gross vehicle weight not exceeding 3.5 t;

2. Municipal controlled companies, contractors who have contracts with the municipality for the performance of work or provision of services in state-protected areas;

3. Individuals can enter the protected area to relieve an accident, work can be started without permission, but the city administration department, the public order division, the customer service department and the neighborhood must be informed via e-mail immediately before starting. The precise place must be indicated in the e-mail. A responsible person who has a written confirmation of the company that is commissioned for work in the area must be present;

4. During the main events of Kaunas city, which are organized by the municipality and its institutions (events are approved by the commission for the organization of events in the the public places of Kaunas and a certificate is issued);

5. Charities and donors registered in accordance with the procedure and legal acts, carrying out activities in state-protected areas. For the exemption of the charity and donors, a separate decision of the municipal council is adopted.