About us

The founder and a 100% shareholder of the public car park ” limited liability” is the municipality of Kaunas. The agency was established in 1997.

The budget institution “Parkavimas Kaune” is a non-profit company with  limited liability and a public legal personality. In its activities, the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, decisions of the Council of Kaunas City Municipality, other legal acts and its articles of association are followed.

The main objectives of the institution are:

  • Reduce traffic intensity in the city center and in the Old Town.
  • Reduce the negative impact of transport on the environment.
  • Increase peoples use of buses and trolleybuses in Kaunas.
  • Contribute to the behaviour etiquette of drivers, regarding car park maintenance.
  • To establish equal conditions of car parking in the city center and old town for all drivers and residents in this area.
  • Improvement of the charging process and innovation.


  • You can review the regulations here.