Internal rules




  1. Before using the car parking lots, the Fee Payer must carefully read and responsibly familiarize themselves with these Rules.
  2. In the event that the Fee Payer, having the opportunity to read and/or having read these Rules, continues to use the services of the institution, it is considered that the Fee Payer: Confirmed that all the information provided is clear and understandable to them and that they agree to these Rules;
  3. Commits to using the parking space under the conditions specified in these Rules.
  4. Only the Fee Payer’s registered vehicle can be parked in the designated parking space and only in the parking lot where the vehicle is registered;
  5. Parking in the parking lot for cars is subject to a local fee.
  6. Only the driver is allowed to enter and exit the car parking lot. Unauthorized persons are prohibited from entering or accessing the parking lot without the permission of the parking lot employee.
  7. Car parking is divided into two types: short-term parking without electronic permit and long-term parking with an electronic permit.
  8. Fee payers who want to use short-term parking pay for car parking at a daily rate based on the latest decision of the Kaunas City Municipality Council No. T-208 “On the approval of the list of Kaunas city places where local charges are collected for the use of specified areas for parking vehicles” (with subsequent amendments).
  9. Short-term parking: If the vehicle does not have a valid electronic permit, it is automatically recorded in the list of short-term vehicles without electronic permits. Electronic permits are not issued retroactively. When entering the parking lot, the system scans the license plates of the vehicle and automatically applies the fee. Payment for car parking is made in cash or by bank payment card at the nearby parking meter.
  10. Short-term parking time for a day is calculated for no more than 24 consecutive hours of continuous parking. After leaving and returning to the parking lot, the fee must be paid again.
  11. In automated parking lots at the addresses: Taikos pr. 81b; Krėvės pr. 42; Ašigalio g. 1; Pramonės pr. 61; Kuršių g. 43b; Partizanų g. 79, no space is provided for short-term parking. Vehicles and/or trailers prohibited from short-term parking are invited to contact security, and a fine of EUR 50 per calendar day is charged for each unauthorized short-term parking.
  12. Short-term parking is available at the following locations: Kuršių g. 15; Ašigalio g. 32, and Islandijos pl. 201/203.
  13. Long-term parking and its fees are possible only by filling out the application form prepared by the Budgetary Institution to obtain an electronic permit and by paying the parking fee in advance;
  14. When filling out the application for an electronic permit, it is necessary to provide correct and real personal/company data, and in case of changes, inform the administration of BĮ “PARKAVIMAS KAUNE”.
  15. When filling out the application for long-term parking and obtaining an electronic permit, it is necessary to additionally submit: a vehicle registration certificate indicating the vehicle category, the fee payer’s phone number, email address, and residential address.
  16. For long-term parking of vehicles, the local fee is paid in advance for the upcoming month(s).
  17. For short-term parking, the local fee is paid at the payment machine by entering the vehicle’s license plate before leaving the parking lot.
  18. The electronic permit for long-term parking of vehicles is valid until the last day of the current month if paid for three months before the last day of the last paid month;
  19. Fee payers who have not paid for the current month are not allowed into the parking lot or are assigned to the list of short-term payers.
  20. A parking card indicating the parking space may be issued to the fee payer;
  21. The cost of a duplicate parking card (permit) is determined by the relevant decisions of the Kaunas City Municipality Council.
  22. Only the vehicle(s) specified in the request can be parked in the space assigned to the fee payer. If multiple vehicles are specified in the request for issuing an electronic permit, the fee is paid for the category of the larger vehicle. If the fee payer wishes to park another vehicle in their space, not specified in the permit request, they must submit a free-form request, specifying the vehicle details and attaching vehicle documents showing the vehicle category. The request is submitted to the employees managing the parking lot. An unregistered vehicle in the electronic permit can be kept in the valid space only if the vehicle’s fee for the specified category is the same or lower than the main vehicle specified in the request;
  23. If the fee payer entered the parking lot with a vehicle that is not marked in the request for issuing an electronic permit, and no additional written request is submitted, the vehicle is assigned a short-term parking rate, which must be paid when leaving the parking lot;
  24. Short-term fee payers without electronic permits park their vehicles in designated short-term parking spaces marked with appropriate signs (white letters on a red background). If there are no signs, the vehicle can only be parked in the parking space indicated by the parking lot attendant;
  25. It is prohibited to leave a vehicle parked at the entrance/exit of the parking lot, as well as near trash containers and emergency exits.
  26. It is prohibited to block other vehicles or create any obstacles to enter or exit the parking space.
  27. The parking space is intended only for the vehicle specified in the request, not for personal/company items.
  28. It is prohibited to store any items, including tires, pallets, etc., on the parking lot premises.
  29. Only one substitute vehicle can be kept in one parking space, regardless of the assigned category.
  30. Vehicles in long-term parking lots cannot deteriorate the condition of the surface. Running oils, grease, or other materials that pollute the environment must be removed immediately.
  31. Fire safety requirements must be observed in the parking lot.
  32. Only the vehicle specified in the request (tires, personal items, or their parts are not considered a vehicle) can be kept in the assigned parking space;
  33. It is prohibited to repair (including oil changes), wash vehicles, perform reloading work, etc., in the parking lot.
  34. It is prohibited to damage, dismantle, or otherwise change the electrical lights, parking space numbering, security system, surveillance cameras, fence, asphalt surface, entrance gate closing-opening system, and other equipment, devices, in the parking lot;
  35. It is prohibited to store (leave) flammable, explosive, other hazardous materials, dangerous devices, and/or devices that pose a threat to human health and life in the parking lot;
  36. It is prohibited to litter, walk domestic animals, consume alcoholic beverages, create noise in the parking lot;
  37. If theft or vandalism is observed in the parking lot, report it immediately to the parking lot attendant;
  38. In the case of an electric vehicle parking lot, the fee payer must compensate for the amount of electricity consumed during charging to the Institution no later than the last day of the current month for the electricity consumed in the previous month. If the compensation payment deadline is missed, the fee payer loses the right to use the charging service and must pay a penalty of 0.08 (eight hundredths) times the unpaid compensation amount;
  39. The fee payer must adhere to safe speed and traffic rules in the parking lot. The administration of the parking lot is not responsible for traffic rule violations that occur on the parking lot premises.
  40. The fee payer must ensure that the vehicle parked in the parking lot is technically sound, meets safety requirements for such items, and is suitable for use as intended. If it is found that the vehicle does not meet the requirements set out in this point and in the legislation, the fee payer assumes responsibility for non-compliance with such requirements.
  41. The fee payer must compensate for any damage caused by their fault to the parking lot;
  42. The fee payer requesting a discount, which is granted by the decision of the Kaunas City Municipality Council, to persons over 65 years of age driving a car or to disabled persons whose level of disability does not exceed 40%, must submit copies of documents proving this. The discount is granted only to the person who submitted the supporting documents, so the person who received the discount must enter/exit the parking lot. In this case, it is prohibited to enter/exit the parking lot for another person, except in the case of the care and supervision of disabled persons, where there is a clear supporting document;
  43. Local parking fees are calculated for a calendar month, or several months, if allowed by the decision of the Kaunas City Municipality Council. If the fee payer cancels the electronic permit before its expiration, the paid fee is refunded only at the rates specified in the decision of the Kaunas City Municipality Council;
  44. Any month from January to December, from the first day of the respective month to the last day of the respective month, is considered a calendar month. Therefore, if the fee payer pays the local fee for the parking space for the month on any day of the current month, it is considered that the payment is valid until the last day of the current calendar month.
  45. The administration of BĮ “PARKAVIMAS KAUNE” is not obliged and does not commit to providing any information on late payments for the parking of vehicles. The fee payer must responsibly monitor the payment deadlines for the parking fee at BĮ “PARKAVIMAS KAUNE” on their own initiative;
  46. Up to 15 euros in coins can be paid at the parking meter at once;
  47. The administration of BĮ “PARKAVIMAS KAUNE,” having warned the fee payer 7 calendar days in advance, has the right to unilaterally change the parking space for the vehicle;
  48. BĮ “PARKAVIMAS KAUNE” does not commit to safeguarding the vehicles of the fee payer and the items therein, nor does it ensure any special (technical, physical, or other) means of their monitoring or storage;
  49. BĮ “PARKAVIMAS KAUNE” administration is not responsible for items left in the fee payer’s vehicle, documents, built-in audio or video equipment, as well as for external finishing details (wiper blades, wheel protection discs, antennas, mirrors, plastic trim strips, etc.);
  50. The administration of BĮ “PARKAVIMAS KAUNE” is not responsible for damage arising from force majeure, natural forces, or an accident, as well as for damage resulting from the fault of the fee payer and the actions of third parties;
  51. The administration of BĮ “PARKAVIMAS KAUNE” is not responsible for the consequences arising from changes in laws and decisions and actions of other state and municipal authorities or institutions;
  52. By entering the parking lot, the fee payer agrees to all the rules of the parking lot;
  53. BĮ “PARKAVIMAS KAUNE” has the right to unilaterally change the conditions of these rules without notifying the fee payers;
  54. BĮ “PARKAVIMAS KAUNE” has the right to revoke the electronic permit at any time, having warned the fee payer about it 2 calendar days in advance if the fee payer does not comply with the rules of the fee payer;
  55. In the long-term parking zone territory at R. Kalantos g. 130, priority for keeping their boats is given to customers who have signed annual boat storage agreements with the new Neptūno prieplauka. Permits for storing boats and boat lifts in this area are issued to other individuals only if there are available spaces.
  56. Local fees must be paid by transferring money to the specified account number. Otherwise, the payment will not be credited.
  57. Supplementary or amended rules come into effect from the date of their approval and are announced on the website