Pier internal rules


Internal Regulations of the Pontoon Harbor

  1. Before using the pontoon harbor, clients and other individuals must carefully read and responsibly familiarize themselves with these Rules. In case of non-compliance with these requirements, the violators of the rules themselves are fully and directly responsible for the activity and its consequences.
  2. Only individuals who have concluded an agreement with BĮ “Parking in Kaunas” are allowed to moor boats in the harbor, except for short-term mooring places.
  3. Boats are allowed to moor only in the designated location specified in the agreement.
  4. Agreements are divided into two types: Annual (12 months) and Seasonal (6 months).
  5. Only the boat specified in the agreement can be moored in the mooring area. If the client plans to keep another boat in the mooring area, he must inform BĮ “Parking in Kaunas” in writing. The new boat must not be larger than the length interval for which the agreement was paid. If the newly moored boat is larger, the client must pay a contract surcharge equal to the difference in the prices of different length intervals. A new boat can be moored in the specified location only with the permission of BĮ “Parking in Kaunas.”
  6. The boat storage fee is determined by the length of the boat, which is specified in the recreational boat ticket, the internal watercraft registration certificate, or another document. If the boat is unregistered or its length is not specified, the length of the boat is measured along the most protruding parts.
  7. Trailers, cradles are allowed to be stored on the shore (R. Kalanta St. 130) only in places indicated by the representative of BĮ “Parking in Kaunas.” Due to important reasons (construction, accident, or other), the client must move the cradle (cradle with the boat) or other property to the specified location within 5 days at the request of BĮ “Parking in Kaunas.”
  8. Water and electricity may only be used for the maintenance and servicing of the boat. The CLIENT, using the harbor service stations, undertakes not to use electrical devices with heating elements.
  9. When leaving the cradle or boat trailer in the area of R. Kalanta St. 130, it is mandatory to indicate the boat registration number on them.
  10. In the Neptune Bay, only slow speed (not exceeding 5 km/h) is allowed.
  11. Within 3 calendar days after terminating the agreement, the boat space near the harbor must be vacated, and the trailer or cradle must be removed from the R. Kalanta St. 130 plot.
  12. If necessary, BĮ “Parking in Kaunas,” having warned the CLIENT 5 calendar days in advance, has the right to unilaterally change the boat mooring location.
  13. Boats moored in a location other than their own or without a contract in place will be removed from the pontoon harbor. The boat owner or manager who moored the boat to the harbor will be fully responsible for any damage and other consequences resulting from the removal.
  14. There are designated areas in the harbor for short-term mooring. In these areas, the boat can be moored for no more than 2 hours. These areas in the harbor are marked with a green sign (“2 hours”).
  15. The remaining available spaces after the expiration of seasonal (6 months) contracts are reserved for the next season starting from March 1 at 8:00. An annual contract can be concluded on any business day. If the start date is not a business or official holiday, the day after it is considered the start day. Reservation is done only by phone, which is published on the institution’s website (https://parkavimaskaune.lt/prieplauka/).
  16. Boat captains must ensure the safe parking of the boat near the harbor, as well as in the harbor waters.
  17. The boat owner is personally responsible for the safety and protection of the crew members and the boat during navigation and mooring in the harbor.
  18. In the harbor area, its waters, and the R. Kalanta St. 130 plot, it is prohibited to:
    1. Walk in the area marked with warning signs;
    2. Consume alcohol and/or psychoactive substances or be under their influence;
    3. Establish campsites and camp in unspecified areas;
    4. Create fires;
    5. Jump into the water from the harbor or from pleasure boats;
    6. Swim;
    7. Fish from the harbor;
    8. Pollute the harbor, territory, and waters;
    9. Release polluted water through the ship’s drains or pump out polluted ballast;
    10. Conceal any pollutant discharge beyond the ship’s side;
    11. Mooring boats in unauthorized locations;
    12. Damage hydrotechnical and navigational devices, fasten mooring lines to unauthorized constructions;
    13. Navigate by creating waves, including entry and exit waves;
    14. Behave in violation of ethical and moral norms;
    15. Keep barbecue grills and other similar items on the pier.
  19. All harbor users must comply with the legal requirements regulating the activities of ports and harbors and safe navigation, as well as the requirements of these Rules.
  20. It is prohibited to store (leave) flammable, explosive, and other substances hazardous to human health and life, dangerous devices, and/or devices in the harbor and its approaches.
  21. In case of theft or vandalism, report it immediately to the responsible employee.
  22. The Client must compensate for any damage caused by their fault to the harbor, devices in the R. Kalanta St. 130 plot, or other individuals or their property.
  23. BĮ “PARKAVIMAS KAUNE” administration is not obliged to proactively provide the client with any information about late payments. The client is responsible for tracking the contract and other payment deadlines on their own initiative.
  24. BĮ “PARKAVIMAS KAUNE” does not undertake to safeguard the client’s or other individuals’ property in the harbor and its approaches, nor does it provide any special (technical, physical, etc.) monitoring or security measures.
  25. BĮ “PARKAVIMAS KAUNE” is not liable for damage caused by force majeure, natural forces, or an accident, as well as for damage caused by the fault of the Client and third-party activities.
  26. BĮ “PARKAVIMAS KAUNE” is not responsible for the consequences arising from changes in laws and decisions and actions of other state and municipal authorities or institutions.
  27. By entering the R. Kalanta St. 130 plot and accessing the harbor, the Client agrees to all the Internal Regulations of the Pontoon Harbor;
  28. Owners of boats who do not comply with these rules may be warned, and the contract may be terminated. Boat owners who do not comply with these rules may be reported to law enforcement for compensation for damage caused. Other individuals who do not comply with these rules may be asked to leave the harbor or its access points. Refusal to do so may result in the security service or police being called.
  29. A fine of 50 euros per day is imposed for each day of mooring boats without a contract to the harbor and for boats moored in unauthorized locations.
  30. Mooring another boat in place of the one specified in the contract without the written consent of BĮ “PARKAVIMAS KAUNE” is prohibited. If another boat is moored without the prior written consent of BĮ “PARKAVIMAS KAUNE,” the CLIENT undertakes to pay a fine of 200 (two hundred) euros for each day of violation of the contract.
  31. It is prohibited to moor water houses, large-sized catamarans, trimarans, and other pontoon-type boats in the harbor.
  32. BĮ “PARKAVIMAS KAUNE” has the right to unilaterally change the conditions of these rules without notifying the Clients;
  33. The contract fee must be paid by transferring money to the account number specified in the contract. Otherwise, the payment will not be credited.
  34. Amended or revised rules take effect from the date of their approval and are published on the website: https://parkavimaskaune.lt/prieplaukos-vidaus-tvarkos-taisykles/