I found a notification on the car glass. What should I do and how to pay?

Upon receipt of the notice about the immediate payment of the local toll, you can pay the set fee within 30 days from the next day by transferring the funds by bank transfer to the account of the budget institution “Parkavimas Kaune”, to the chosen bank:

SEB: LT53 7044 0600 0805 7613
Swedbank: LT10 7300 0100 0228 1413
LUMINOR: LT44 4010 0510 0192 0204
Other banks: LT53 7044 0600 0805 7613

(In the payment order you need to indicate the state car number and notification number) or in cash (by bank card) at our office at Puodžių st. 24-1, in Kaunas. If the fee is not paid before the specified deadline, the material recorded in the photographs is transferred to the employees of the public order department of Kaunas city. Information about the fine imposed and payment conditions will be received by the car owner (controller) by registered mail sent to the address of the declared place of residence. If the owner of the car is a legal resident, the material is sent to the legal entity’s registration address. The budget institution “Parkavimas Kaune” does not impose fines.