1. I had a parking card for disabled persons, but it slipped (fell) from the dashboard, and its information was not visible

The driver, after leaving the card, should ensure that all information is clearly visible from the outside. The manager of vehicles for disabled persons must leave the card inside the vehicle behind the front windshield or on the driver’s side of the dashboard in a clearly visible location from the outside, so that the number and expiration date of the card for parking vehicles for disabled persons can be easily read through the front windshield of the vehicle. If, during the inspection, the controller cannot read the card number and expiration date, a violation is recorded


2. I bought a ticket in the blue area, will this ticket be valid in the red zone?

A ticket purchased in an orange area, or a payment made through the mobile operator in the orange zone, applies to the orange, yellow, red, blue, and green areas.

A ticket purchased in the yellow zone, or payment made through the mobile operator in the yellow zone, applies to the yellow, red, blue and green zones.

A ticket purchased in the red area, or payment made through the mobile operator in the red zone, applies to the red, blue and green areas.

A ticket purchased in the blue zone, or a payment made through the mobile operator in the blue zone, applies to the blue and green areas.

A ticket purchased in the green area, or payment made through the mobile operator in the green area, is valid only in the green area.

A ticket purchased in a long-distance parking area is valid only in the box indicated on the ticket.

A ticket or payment through a mobile carrier is valid only until the time indicated on the ticket or mobile operator notice. Parking time can not be recalculated after traveling to another parking area.

3. I was building a car at a clinic. Although there was no sign that parking is paid, I found a message stuck to the car when I returned.

According to the regulations, the territory located near the Kaunas clinic and the old town is assigned to a parking zone. The sign of the parking zone appears before entering the old town and clinic. It is valid until you reach the end of the marked zone.

The road sign no. 541 “Parking zone” with the additional table No. 840 “Paid Services” stands at all entrances to the designated areas. The entrance to the adjacent road areas, crossroads, does not eliminate the road sign No. 541 “Parking zone”.

The road mark no. 541 ends along the exit from the parking zone i.e. when passing road sign No. 544 “End of parking zone”, which stands at all exits from the parking zone.

4. The car is marked with the “Disabled” mark. Can I park in paid places for free when I have left the disability license on the car panel?

A disabled person’s license does not give you an incentive to park for free. Since 2011 September 1st, local tolls for using toll-free parking facilities are granted to individuals who have their cars marked with a european-style disability card. Disability car cards are issued by the disability and work related services in the ministry of social security and labor.

5. I was going to pay, but the ticket machine did not work.

If the toll is paid in the ticket machine, it must be done closest to the vehicle. If the machine is defective, the local fee must be paid in another way or in the adjacent ticket machine that belongs to the same payment zone. The failure of the vehicle parking ticket machine does not exempt the local toll from payment. If the machine does not issue a ticket, you can report it by calling 8 68780601.

6. How to pay for parking?

You can pay for parking by coins and by touchless payment card in a parking ticket machine, using the service provided by mobile operators to pay by SMS, or the smartphone app “Unipark”.

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7. When is the fee collected in Kaunas city?

The fee for parking in Kaunas city is collected:

Green zone – 8 – 18 h from Monday to Friday.

Blue, red, yellow zones  –  8 – 20 h every day of the week.

Orange zone – 8 – 24 h every day of the week.

Blue S zone – 8 – 15 h Saturdays and Sundays.

Beach zone – 8 -24 h every day of the week (from May 1st till September 15th)

Free parking on public holidays.